"I would like to thank everyone at JTI for being so helpful and obliging during my six months as a student there. You were all so fantastic from office staff to the trainers.

To Warren and Sherrill HalI; I just wanted to take some time to express how much I enjoyed being in your classes. You were dedicated, always making sure that I (we) understood the material. Being able to count on you for extra help and clarification was really reassuring.

I especially liked how you always related the lessons to real-life examples that would allow the material to make more logical sense to me and always give me something to relate the lessons to. Without you I would not have been able to succeed in obtaining my Certificates and for this I will always be grateful.

Thank you all again! Your help in all areas, office and classroom has been very much appreciated."

- Kerry 18/07/2014

“Last week I had a student in my class. He was doing his CPR update. I actually remembered him because he was so outgoing & helpful.

During the class he related how a person in his care had stopped breathing and how he began CPR until the ambulance arrived.

The lady survived!! We all stopped and gave him a huge applause. What a wonderful story. JTI training is saving lives.”

– Mary Anne (JTI First Aid Trainer) 1/10/2013

“Throughout my training since undertaking the Certificate 4 in Leisure and Health, I have learned a great deal about the aged care industry, and in particular leisure and lifestyle, which is such an important component of the holistic approach to aged care.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience studying this course at the Job Training Institute, as they have been exemplary in their course delivery and guidance.”

– Heath Harper 10/9/2013

"Dear Mandy and all JTI staff

After about 3-months study with JTI. I am lucky to get a job from my placement. All I want to say to you is,Thank You for your time and effort. Thank You


– Lynn Govo 25/5/2012

“As a mature aged student I was a little concerned that having been out of education for such a long time I would struggle with both learning and the technology. The support and encouragement I have received from your team has helped me to grow in confidence.

Also – whilst I still have part of the course to complete I have received two job offers as a result of my studies. Distance learning will enable me to complete my Cert III whilst beginning my new role.

I would recommend the Job Training Institute to anyone who is considering entering this very worthwhile sector.”

– Lisa J

“I must say that all the JTI staff members are very co-operative and ready to help any-time. They have solved all the queries of mine which arose during my studies.I am really thankful to all the staff members of JTI.”

– Vishal Makadia

“I really wanted to be finished fast with my CHC30208 Certificate III in Aged Care course. The Job Training Institute Fast Track Program allowed me to do just that. Thanks JTI”

– Jimmy Nguyen, Melbourne, Australia

"Dear all

I wish to use this medium to express my sincere appreciation for your support through out the duration of my course: (Certificate IV in disability which I concluded in June ’11) as a JTI on line course.

I have received my Certificate and am very much pleased with it.

Unfortunately I was not opportuned to meet you physically and barely can identify you all.Your high level of professionalism, advice and feedback gave me the required motivation and confidence to forge ahead. The IT, the trainers, workplacement cordinator, accounts and a whole lot of others that in one way or the other contributed to my successful training at JTI.

My sincere gratitude go to Joyce, I appreciate her training methodology.She was key to my concluding this course in record time.

Once again, I thank you as I enter into the second phase of applying what I have learnt in the field.I promise not to let you down and to project the image of the institution positively."


– Christian Ohiaeri

"Raveena & Staff,

As I come to the end of my Course, I wanted to send a heartfelt THANK YOU, and compliment the wonderful team at JTI.

As an older student, deciding to have a career change, I have appreciated the wonderful support and assistance available to me throughout my online studying.

You should all be aware of the gratitude I have for you all. I hope that you share this email with your team, and your management."


– Wendy Milner


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