Study Nursing in Dandenong, Melbourne, at The Job Training Institute - Classes that Fit your Schedule

If the thought of going back to school to study nursing in Melbourne is causing you concern, you are not alone as many adults think about changing careers or going back to school to study a desired field of interest but cannot due to work constraints and class scheduling. Now everyone can study nursing in Dandenong, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

At The Job Training Institute (JTI), we offer residents of Melbourne, Adelaide and Dandenong programmes in nursing that prepare them for the real industry setting. Our flexible class times allow you to earn your Diploma in Nursing in approximately 18 months. With a comprehensive curriculum and a work study protocol, you will graduate with the practical experience and formal education you need to succeed as a professional nurse.

Design your Diploma Schedule with the Job Training Institute in Australia

If you are looking to change careers or establish the foundation of knowledge and industry experience to set you apart from other applicants and colleagues, it is time to visit The Job Training Institute. We offer diploma programmes in several areas of study to include Community Services, Education, Nursing, Children's Services, and Business. For over six years we have been providing the residents of greater Australia, including Dandenong, with the opportunity to revamp their professional life and get the education and training they deserve.

We offer a flexible learning environment conducive to adult instruction and allow students to choose a full or part-time study schedule. This flexibility allows students to work while studying. Also, our students can make a choice between an on-site classroom module or online classes, or a combination of the two for the ultimately personalised experience.

As a leader in education, we offer work placement for students as well as a work placement coordinator who is consistently available to assist students with the fundamentals of work placement and to ensure your experience is both practical and one you will fondly remember.

Would you like to Study Nursing in Melbourne? Now you can Earn Diploma in Nursing in 18 Months

Have you ever wondered what it might take to become a professional nurse in Dandenong? At JTI, we know that successful nursing students have a mindset of strength, the compassion to care for others and the dedication to embark on an exciting journey to become a professional in the healthcare industry. Understanding that education is paramount, we offer a comprehensive plan for your success. Our programme supports the many reasons folks become nurses including the steady growth of available jobs, personal fulfilment and knowing they can always evolve to a higher level administrator in the healthcare industry. We are proud of our nursing diploma programmes that offer you a career with job diversity, opportunities for continued learning and the challenge of making a difference in the lives of others.

Call us on 1300 144 584 so we can discuss how our Diploma in Nursing programme can quick start your new career in the healthcare field. You may also visit us at and leave your details.

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