Prepare Yourself for Anything in the Workplace When You Study First Aid with a Comprehensive Course from the Job Training Institute in Melbourne

Accidents happen — that is just a fact of life. How we react to emergency situations is the most important factor in the outcome of an accident, though. Part of being an active employee in a variety of work settings involves the way that you handle unexpected emergencies and accidental injuries. This is particularly the case when you work in healthcare, community centres, and even food service. Say someone slips and has a nasty fall that leaves them with a broken bone. Having the ability to stabilise their condition and provide first aid until professional help arrives is invaluable. When you want to prepare yourself for anything on the job, or if your employer requires it, finding a place to study first aid in Melbourne is your first step.

At the Job Training Institute, we work hard to tailor educational programmes that meet the needs of our students. Our first aid course for Melbourne students offered at our Dandenong facility covers all the basics you need to know. Fully compliant with Australian regulations and standards, this programme will yield a qualification certifying your first aid abilities. A CPR component and certification is also included in this course. When you want to train yourself to respond helpfully under pressure, taking a first aid course is the ideal choice to make.

Be safer on the job with our first aid course in Melbourne

JTI makes it simple for you to fit our course into your schedule. Because it takes only one session (from 9am to 5pm), you can gain new skills quickly and then get right back to work, ready to contend with any issues that may arise. If all you want is to be able to perform safely is CPR, you may select to study that three-hour course component individually. Before attendance of your class, you will spend approximately a week reviewing study materials, doing readings, and completing assignments online. Due to the asynchronous nature of studying online, you may follow these at your own pace.

What happens on the day you show up for class? Simple: you will review the materials studied, receive additional more in-depth instruction, and partake in practical examinations. For example, CPR courses require demonstration of proper techniques on a manikin. These and other assessments will enable you to be confident in your new skills.

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Prepare yourself to handle anything on the job, even emergency situations and injuries. When you study first aid at the Job Training Institute, all it takes is one day of dedicated learning to acquaint yourself with all the necessary skills. From our course on how to manage allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock to basic stabilisation techniques and, of course, CPR, our accredited instructors will walk you through everything. With this information, you could save a life one day! To learn more about how we can further your education, please visit our contact page to find the number for the campus at which you wish to study. To enrol, simply use our online application.

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