Study Towards Your Diploma of Community Services in Melbourne at the Job Training Institute

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Obtaining your diploma is an essential prerequisite for many career paths in the community service sector. Hands-on experience can only get you so far in this day and age. So it is more important than ever if you intend to seek employment in the community services sector to pursue a diploma. Even if you have already managed to find work without schooling, you will find you will be able to accelerate your career in invaluable ways with the assistance of a diploma of community services in Melbourne. Whether you are interested in pursuing work in the field of education, counselling, or another path within the community services sector, having a diploma can make a big difference to what position you hold and how much you can make of any given situation.

So even if you are already happily working within the community services sector, do not underestimate the value of obtaining a professional certification. It can be easy in the work climate of today to find your career stagnating or finding yourself stuck in a professional rut. Receiving a diploma of community services in Melbourne can get the ball rolling on your career again.

Study for a Diploma of Community Services in Melbourne Online

At the Job Training Institute, which has three facilities, one based out of Melbourne, we understand that those currently working in the community services sector may find it difficult to take the time to pursue their diploma due to their hectic full-time work schedule. That is why we offer online courses that allow students to complete our courses in an efficient manner that it accommodates their schedule. This way, you will be able to continue your career without disruption as you expand upon your academic qualifications.

With limited exceptions, you should be able to complete your coursework easily from anywhere in the world. Some components of certain assessments must be done face to face with our assessors. But the bulk of the coursework can be done on your own time by the means most convenient to you.

Take Advantage of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) When Pursuing Your Diploma

If you have taken relevant coursework in the field you are pursuing a diploma in; you may be able to use this towards your diploma with the Job Training Institute. RPL, or recognition of prior learning, allows you to import both work experiences and prior coursework into your qualifications for a diploma. Our courses typically take two years to complete. But if you can supplement some relevant prior coursework or workplace experiences, odds are you will be able to significantly minimise that timeframe. Between the possibility of limiting the actual coursework necessary to obtain your diploma through RPL and the convenience of being able to complete much of your coursework online, the Job Training Institute could not make it easier for you to study for a diploma of community services in Melbourne.

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