When You Want to Prepare for a Career in Child Care, Study with Ease in Melbourne at the Job Training Institute

The early years of a child's life are among the most important. Not only do they set the stage for future growth and development, but early interactions mould and shape a child's personality and emotional temperament. Ensuring they receive proper child care is important, whether in an educational setting, a day care facility or even from an in-home nanny. While challenging, working with children in this capacity is fundamentally rewarding. If you are hoping to develop a career in this field, arming yourself with the correct qualifications is essential. When you desire to study child care in Melbourne, a convenient nearby option delivering top-shelf quality education is the Job Training Institute.

Our child care study programmes cover a lot of ground. Courses include CHC30113, the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, as well as CHC50113, the Diploma of Early Childhood Education. These consummate programmes cover all the necessary knowledge for working in this field upon graduation. With courses designed to suit the needs of your busy life, you can split your time between the classroom in person and online for a conveniently blended experience. Considering our flexibility and support for students, we believe we are an excellent choice in the area. We're always looking for new ways to help lift you to the next level!

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JTI offers two ways to approach your studies. Whether you elect to study child care in Dandenong by pursuing a certificate or a diploma, please be aware these intensive areas of study will take about 12 months for the average student to complete. This includes both time spent learning in the classroom as well as between 120 and 240 hours of work placement. JTI will assist you in this area.

Taking advantage of technology for blended learning allows you to gain a firmer grasp on the materials while in the comfort of your home while also allowing for a chance to ask questions in person. We structure these online components for your benefit, as they take place live with a real instructor and your classmates, enabling a shared experience. Additionally, we accept assignments and other work for online submission; this flexibility allows you continue living your life and developing your career while also setting the stage for your future in child care!

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Being a part of the early child care system is a job that is challenging, but it is also very rewarding. What could be more joyful than the sound of children's laughter and seeing their smiling faces every day? Whether you aim to become a childhood educator, an adviser, or even a developer for child care programmes, you will learn all you need to know at the Job Training Institute. From our certificate to our diploma-track courses, opportunity and an exciting new career path are waiting for you. A work placement component ensures you come away from your education with practical experience, too — a must in today's job market! To get started on your journey today, click the Apply Now button.

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