Want to Study Business in Melbourne? The Job Training Institute Offers our Students Tailored Programmes.

Opportunity defines the Australian business market. The economy has recently stabilised, with Infobase Limited reporting a 3.8% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth and a low inflation ration of only 2.5%. These numbers prove compelling, promising a strong future for those within the commercial and industrial fields. They also showcase the potential for those who wish to study business in Melbourne.

The Job Training Institute recognises the surge of market options available in Australia (from technology to exports, finance to consumer staples). To help our students find - and conquer - these options, we provide a dynamic course that develops key vocational skills and provides a steady educational foundation. To learn more, contact us today.

Job Training Institute: About Us

Since 2010, the job Training Institute has served as the premier programme for those seeking to study business in Melbourne. Our dedicated advisers emphasise a need for tailored courses, accelerated environments, and work placement training. We provide men and women with the tools they need to build satisfying careers, and we adhere to the codes established by the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET). This enables us to meet all qualifications and deliver the necessary coursework.

Want to study business in Melbourne? Join our programme today and receive a comprehensive, custom education.

Choosing to Study Business in Melbourne: Our Course

The Job Training Institute connects our students with the units they need. Our Diploma of Business course helps to foster a greater understanding of theoretical and real-world applications, emphasising eight core ideas:

  • Establishing and Adjusting the Marketing Mix.
  • Interpreting Market Trends.
  • Managing Work Priorities and Developments.
  • Undertaking Project Works.
  • Managing Meetings.
  • Manage Performance.
  • Facilitating Improvements.
  • Identifying Marketing Opportunities.

For those wishing to study business in Melbourne, these principle units are essential - helping to bolster skills, enhance strategic thinking, and provide experience. They allow our students to train for the future.

They also promote convenience. The Job Training Institute recognises the challenges men and women face, trying to balance education with employment. This is why we offer flexible scheduling, with our Diploma of Business course boasting:

  • A 52-week part-time online programme.
  • A 26-week full-time face study programme.

Through these options, we accommodate all student needs - allowing them to choose the platform that best reflects their lives, their goals, and their studying preferences. This ensures a more effective learning experience.

Want to Study Business in Melbourne? Contact the Job Training Institute Today.

The future promises many rewards - and, to help our students earn those rewards, we offer a Diploma of Business programme to ensure smooth career paths. To learn more about this course (as well as possible government funding) contact us today on 03-9212-3535 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Our team will gladly answer any questions regarding unit requirements, online coursework, tuition fees, and more. Send us an online enquiry.

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