Considering Studying Business in Dandenong or Adelaide? The Job Training Institute Offers Convenient Coursework

The hours are all too fleeting for those in Australia’s workforce. A series of presentations, projects, and performance evaluations shape every day - leaving little time for educational pursuits. Balancing a career with coursework is often deemed impossible, and many employees dismiss studying business in Dandenong or Adelaide. Seeking key units would simply strain their schedules.

The Job Training Institute understands the dilemma men and women face. This is why we offer those wishing to study business in Adelaide and beyond a tailored programme - allowing them to redefine their careers, enhance their skills, and take control of their futures. We provide custom educational options, blending online and face-to-face training. To learn more, contact us today.

Job Training Institute: About Us

Since 2010, the Job Training Institute has provided flexible support to those seeking to study business in Adelaide and beyond. We pair qualified instructors with adaptable courses, allowing students to achieve the results they need. We recognise the difficulties of balancing full-time careers with education. This is why we strive to provide an accommodating environment for all, enabling more efficient studies and streamlined strategies.

Considering studying business in Dandenong and beyond? Join us at one of our three training facilities (located in Dampening, Sunshine, and Adelaide). We connect students to the support they deserve, helping them develop their skills and secure their professional futures.

Seeking a Diploma of Business in Australia: Our Course

To study business in Adelaide, students must navigate both coursework and their own schedules. We simplify this process, providing men and women with the units they need and the flexibility they crave. Our programme offers eight core foundations - BSBMKG502 (Establish marketing mix); BSBMKG507 (Interpret trends and developments); BSBWOR501 (Manage work priorities and professional developments); BSBPMG522 (Undertake project work); BSBADM502 (Manage meetings); BSBMGT502 (Manage people performance); BSBMGT516 (Facilitate continuous improvement); and BSBMKG501 (Evaluate marketing opportunities) - that promote focused, structured results.

We also wish to provide flexibility. This is why we embrace a multi-tiered learning environment, offering:

Online Learning

Participate in a 52-week part-time programme, with units delivered via computer. This allows students to schedule their work as needed and accommodates both their work and family obligations.

Face-to-Face Learning

Choose a 26-week on-site programme, with units delivered on one of our three campuses. This allows for face-to-face interactions and accelerated timelines.

Through these structures, students can create a curriculum that best reflects their needs and allows them to maintain a greater balance between work and school.

Want to Study Business in Dandenong? Contact the Job Training Facility

We believe in adaptability. This is why we fuse our courses with online and on-site options, enabling students to succeed. To learn more, contact us today:

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For further information regarding course requirements, government funding, and more send us an online enquiry. Our team will gladly respond to any questions or comments.

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