The Job Training Institute, With Locations in Adelaide as well as in Melbourne at Dandenong, Opens Doors for You to Study Aged Care

As we grow older, and our bodies and minds begin to age, accomplishing tasks that were previously mundane and taken for granted becomes much harder. For some, there may even come a point where living in an aged care facility and receiving daily assistance is the only viable option. For those who can no longer support themselves wholly independently in their advanced age, shouldn't there be a dedicated group of caretakers ready to provide aid and companionship? When you want to give back to the senior citizens who spent their lives contributing to society, you may wish to study aged care in Melbourne. Earning standard qualifications can enable you to work with the elderly in community and healthcare settings. To provide the best levels of care backed up by practical knowledge, come to study at the Job Training Institute.

Operating for six years, we deliver a high-value education through modern methods, including the Internet. Between learning from experienced instructors in the classroom and gaining experience through job placement, you will be ready to take on all the challenges of supporting older individuals in the workplace. In addition to Melbourne, you can also study aged care at our Adelaide campus.

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Now known as Individual Support, we design our aged care courses to give you the knowledge necessary to work with the elderly in many different capacities. By and large, however, your job is to assist the aged with maintaining their independence, empowering them to continue enjoying life. JTI offers four formats for those who wish to study aged care in Melbourne, based on your career goals. These courses include aged care in the home, helping those with disabilities, and care in community settings such as rest homes. Mix and match these options to obtain the qualifications required for the sector in which you want to work.

These courses teach you more than merely basic aid. They arm you with the knowledge necessary to provide emotional, social, and recreational support for your patients, in addition to physical needs. The aged deserve just as much care and attention as anyone else. Whether you are providing emotional support in a time of grief or teaching a patient a fun new game to play, you are contributing to their overall wellness in a major way.

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With an ageing population, the demand for skilled individuals in the aged care sector is expected to continue increasing; already, more than a hundred thousand Australians are employed in this line of work. The Job Training Institute offers a convenient way to study aged care in Dandenong while you prepare for entrance into this highly rewarding field. From caring for the elderly at home to working with others to engineer community programmes for social activities, your new skills will enable you to have a positive impact on the lives of others. If you have questions about our aged care programmes or you'd like to come study with us, please phone our offices on (03) 9212 3535.

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