Volume of Learning

The New 2015 Standards prescribe the amount of time (volume of Learning), each qualification should take.

The volume of learning includes all teaching and learning activities such as:

  • Guided Learning (Classes, Lectures, Tutorials, Online Or Self-Paced Study),
  • Individual Study,
  • Research,
  • Learning Activities In The Workplace And
  • Assessment Activities.

Volume of Learning has been derived from Australia Qualifications Framework (AQF) which is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training- http://www.aqf.edu.au/

We are required to comply with the AQF in applying the volume of learning to our programs.

If a course is structured so as to be completed in a shorter time period than that described in the AQF, we will need to clearly describe, using a rationale based on the previous skills and knowledge and the needs of learners, how a specific learner cohort:

  • has the characteristics to achieve the required rigour and depth of training
  • can meet all of the competency requirements in a shorter timeframe.

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