Now You Can Take the IELTS Preparation Course Right Here in Melbourne

Living in an English-speaking country can be tough when you don’t know the language very well. It’s even harder when you need to go to school or hold down a job to pay the rent. How do you understand a professor, follow instructions or deal with your landlord when you can’t communicate effectively in the language they’ve all known since birth? It’s a challenge. Even if you have decent casual English skills, you may still need to prove it (especially to a school or an employer) with special qualifications.

One such qualification is your IELTS score. IELTS is an internationally recognised English test for study, migration and work, which is particularly useful in countries such as Australia, Canada, the USA and the UK. More than 2.7 million people, in 140 countries took the test in 2015. If you already live in Melbourne and need to take the IELTS for a job or academic program, you may be wondering how to prepare for the exam and what it might involve. Did you know that there are classes you can take to help you get ready for the test? Even better news is that the best IELTS preparation course in Melbourne is now available to you at the Job Training Institute.

The Job Training Institute has been operating since 2010 and has three campuses. We provide professional training to people in a wide number of fields, from a limitless variety of backgrounds. We also provide the best IELTS preparation course available anywhere in the area, which means that we’re your very best chance to pass the IELTS and start doing what you want to do in life, whether that involves working here in Melbourne or studying.

A Detailed IELTS Course in Melbourne

When you decide to prepare for the IELTS with a preparation course at the Job Training Institute, you’ll be taken systematically through every component of the test to make sure that you’re completely familiar with the material. We’ll also help you develop time management and test taking strategies, so that you can approach the exam in a calculated and prepared way, giving you the best chances for success. We’ll even give you practice tests, which you’ll take under simulated conditions and which will be graded afterwards so you can chart your own progress. Everything we do is designed to get you as ready for the IELTS as possible.

Different Approaches to Preparation

We don’t believe that effective learning only happens one way. That’s why we help our students prepare for the IELTS in several different fashions. Our preparation course involves speaking, reading, writing and listening sections, so that you can develop total confidence with the language before taking the test. Trust the Job Training Institute to help prepare you for the IELTS exam, and call our office today for more information about how we can help you transition into the life you’ve always wanted.

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