Do You Need a Certificate of Completion of First Aid Training Classes in Melbourne? The Job Training Institute Offers Regular Courses

When someone gets hurt, the quick application of first aid procedures can sometimes make the difference between a serious accident and a minor scare. When someone suffers an injury or is otherwise in medical distress in a business establishment, no business owner wants to face the question of "Why didn't anyone do anything to help?" That is why many different industries look for employees certified in basic first aid training and CPR. Whether your employer requires this certificate or you just want to increase your abilities, the Job Training Institute is ready to help you. Offering comprehensive and affordable first aid classes in Melbourne, our one-day classes will leave you with all the core competencies you need.

From our campus in Dandenong, we deliver high-quality educational sessions to our Melbourne students seeking to earn a certificate. Due to the practical nature of some of the learning (CPR, etc.), this course is not offered online as some of our other units are. Nonetheless, our experienced instructors and friendly setting will combine to create a welcoming atmosphere of education sure to make you feel comfortable. When you engage the Job Training Institute for first aid training in Melbourne, what skills will you acquire?

Equip yourself with vital skills with first aid training in Melbourne

Before you arrive to begin earning your first aid certificate in Melbourne, you will spend some time learning with us on the web. We build our courses in such a way as to prepare you in advance for a single day of intensive in-classroom learning led by our instructors. Therefore, you will complete much of your coursework online. In this course, a few of the procedures you will learn include:

  • Determining when a situation constitutes an emergency
  • Examining and assessing the injured person to determine next steps
  • How to obtain consent for treatment, if possible, from the victim
  • How to control bleeding, clear blocked airways and immobilising broken limbs
  • Safely performing CPR
  • Handling significant allergic reactions

Also, you will experience several simulated scenarios to allow you to put your skills into practice. In our first aid classes, we do everything necessary to make sure you can handle whatever life throws at you on the job.

We are accepting enrolments now — send in your application soon

The Job Training Institute is always striving to bring access to first aid courses for Melbourne students. Whether your employer requires completion of one of these courses or you are looking to add to your list of qualifications, we offer an excellent route for you to take. With all our one-day first aid courses taught by highly experienced and fully qualified instructors, you will learn in a hands-on and friendly environment. Enrolment is easy — all you need to do is press "Apply Now" and we'll get you started on the path to earning a certificate. For all other questions, please contact our Melbourne head office by phoning on (03) 9212 3535.

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