Do You Need to Become First Aid Certified? Take First Aid Courses in Melbourne with Job Training Institute

Emergencies pop up all the time, but having someone around with first aid training in your Melbourne location can help reduce health risks, minimise damages, and perhaps even save a life. First aid classes in Melbourne are popular for those in the nursing and healthcare professions, yet holding a first aid certificate can also be an asset to those who are not actively engaged in healthcare fields. Keeping your employees safe begins with first aid training.

Why Earn Your First Aid Certificate in Melbourne?

Emergencies can happen quickly, and responding immediately can mean the difference between life and death, or can severely improve an injured person’s condition with a few medical tips and tricks. Earning your first aid certificate in Melbourne is relatively inexpensive and also looks good on a resume, no matter where you are applying.

Depending on your industry, first aid classes can actually give you an edge over other employees when applying to a job in Melbourne. For instance, if you are applying to work in a daycare centre or as a personal babysitter or nanny, a first aid training certificate often allows parents and daycare centre advisors to feel more confident with hiring you, in case something were to happen to a child on your watch.

Take First Aid Courses in Melbourne at Job Training Institute

Job Training Institute is an established learning facility offering many certificate programs for students looking to further their education. In addition to certificate programs, Job Training Institute in Melbourne also offers first aid training and classes as a short study course.

The first aid courses at Job Training Institute in Melbourne consist of comprehensive first aid and safety training. Learning to perform CPR, manage injuries, assess risks, and provide life support will be covered. The CPR portion of the course can also be completed on its own, without finishing the other aspects. Additional classes in providing first aid in educational and care settings are also available. Management of adrenaline auto injectors is also taught, so graduates feel comfortable using EpiPens on injured parties.

These first aid training courses are offered through the Job Training Institute in both Melbourne and Adelaide locations, and are administered by professionally trained and certified instructors. They are also designed for those with little to no experience in the health fields.

If you would like to learn more about first aid training or even just CPR training, contact Job Training Institute today. Or, if you would like to send some of your employees in for first aid training in Melbourne, Job Institute Training can also help. First aid courses can help in the event of emergencies and teach useful skills and techniques. To find out more about Job Institute Training’s first aid classes, or other short-term courses in Melbourne, reach out to them on 1300 144 584 or visit them online at

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