Individuals Desiring a Healthcare Career in Melbourne, Turn to the Job Training Institute for a Diploma of Nursing

Whether you are trying to build a career from the ground up or you are simply ready for a career change, a job in healthcare as an enrolled nurse offers both challenges and rewards. Taking the necessary steps to become certified for the career you want can be a challenge on its own, however, when your life is already busy. For those seeking a diploma of nursing in Melbourne, the Job Training Institute offers students a streamlined option with two convenient campus locations at Sunshine and Dandenong. Additionally, we have another campus located in Adelaide. Our diploma of nursing program at Melbourne takes approximately 18 months to complete and yields a nationally recognised diploma. This opens the door for AHRPA registration and your opportunity to work as an enrolled nurse!

In addition to receiving face-to-face learning instruction, we offer all our students the opportunity to engage in online learning as well. This blend of instruction methods not only creates a more efficient learning environment, but it also offers busy individuals the chance to budget their time wisely. Whether you hope to work in aged care, palliative medicine, or rehabilitative therapy, our program delivers high-quality fundamentals to prepare students for the workplace. That is why our nursing program includes compulsory work placement in practical environments. We also include pathways for further study, including advanced diplomas and Bachelor degrees, for those seeking an even higher level of qualification. The Job Training Institute enables many students each year to obtain their diploma of nursing in Melbourne. Will you be our next graduate?

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