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Important: Online Application - Before You Start

Steps in this application process are as follows:

  1. You must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) before you start this application!
    If you do not have one, you can CLICK HERE to apply your USI, it will only take your 5 - 10 minutes to do this.
  2. How many steps are involved in this application?
    There are 6 steps which include a Literacy and Numeracy assessment.
  3. How long will this application take?
    It will take around 30 - 45 minutes to finish this application.
  4. Have you done application with JTI before?
    You can use our Application form retrieve tool to prefilled most of your details.
  5. Are you eligible for Government Funding?
    You can use our Government Funding Wizard tool to find out if you are eligible.
  6. It is a essential that:
    You read the pre-enrolment booklet before starting this application: Pre-Enrolment Booklet.
  7. Important
    Do not use browser's back button, you might lose your saved data

I have read the pre-enrolment booklet.

I have my USI available now.

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